Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy National Chocolate Day!

Today is National Chocolate Day!

I ask you, President Obama, why is this not a day-off-from-work, parades-down-Main-Street, real national holiday?!

I'm serious. If you're reading this, Mr. President, I expect an answer to that question. You know it's a good idea. At least think about it, ok?

Meanwhile, two of America's upstanding citizens and lovers-of-all-things-chocolate will be celebrating National Chocolate Day by stuffing their faces with this:

Yes, I do realize the irony of celebrating America's National Chocolate Day with a big-honkin' sample of the Swiss variety, but can you blame me? This stuff is G-O-O-D good. 70% bittersweet - that's how Katie and I like it. Now, the Music Man? He's a milk chocolate guy, all the way.

What about you?

- Becky

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