Sunday, May 16, 2010

The (second) first post...

If there's one question identical twins get asked more than any other, it's this: "Which one of you was born first?" (Actually, that's really not the question, but we can talk about the other one later...)

"SHE was!" I'd always say, with the obligatory head nod and smile. And from first steps - on our birthday, no less! - to first kiss, Katie did it before me.

So I'm not surprised that when we decided to start Sunday Treats, Katie posted first. In the natural course of the grand K&B universe, that's pretty much the only way it could have happened. (It also helped that she's a foodie blogaholic and therefore already speaks "bloggish", unlike me, currently enrolled in Bloggish 101.)

But you know what? I have something else to say!

I started baking Sunday treats before she did! Nah nah nah nah nah nah!

In fact, I invented Sunday treats. Here's how:

My boyfriend, hereafter known as the Uber-Charming Music Man, (or just Music Man for short,) was working hard as the director of fifty-million or so church choirs. This left me home alone on Sunday afternoons, pining for the Music Man with all my heart, and quite, quite bored.

One Sunday, rather than watching yet another movie on the Hallmark Channel, I decided to make a tasty treat for my Uber-Charming Music Man to enjoy at the end of his uber-long day. A stellar jello pudding pie was concocted, the tired and cranky Music Man was appeased, and the tradition of baking on Sundays was born!

A remarkable evolution has occurred since that first pudding pie. Katie moved in and balance in the baker's kitchen was restored - exactly two beaters to be licked, and two bakers to lick them. Master baker Mama B gave a name to our creations, "So...whatcha makin' for your Sunday Treat today?" Our baking skills and aspirations have grown (when was the last time I made a jello pudding pie?! Oh, wait - I made one this morning.) And this past year, Katie and I committed to baking not just for the Music Man, but as a ministry for the biweekly young adult socials at our church.

And now, here we are. Though I'm not the first to do so, let me officially welcome you to Sunday Treats! Here's to baking, blogging, and beater-licking - together.

For my Music Man - the original Jello pudding pie. (Or some rendition thereof.)



  1. wait...what is THE question???

  2. Not only are you a wonderful baker/cook, but a very good story teller. Hay, if the baking gets a little boring, how about writing short stories? Just kidding but must also say how lucky is that Music Man of yours!!!